TIGERIFY Premium Quality Shisha Hookah Herbal MINT Flavour 50grams


  1. No Tobacco, No Nicotine

  2. Best in Taste, Solid Form (Like Gulkand)

  3. 6 Servings For Small Size Chillum/ 5 Servings For Big Chillum

  4. Pure exotic natural flavoured essence

  5. High Quality Hookah Flavors, Unforgettable taste

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TIGERIFY Premium Quality Shisha Hookah Herbal MINT Flavour 50grams

Note:Our Hookah Flavour Quality is Premium (High Quality), you will get good taste.

TIGERIFY Mint Shisha Flavour is a great starter flavor if you would like to try some really basic Cool flavored shisha.Once again, TIGERIFY succeeds in replicating a delicious Mint Shisha flavor to enjoy.Freshen your mouth with this exotic flavour.Mint tastes sweet and produces a lingering cool effect on the tongue.Mint can be mixed with nearly every flavor to get cooling sensation in your mouth and throat in every puff.

This flavor is great on its own, but also thrives as part of just about any shisha mix you can dream up. With TIGERIFY Sheesha Flavours you can now enjoy the world of smoking without any doubt of harm, with its great tasting natural flavours.

TIGERIFY Hookah Molasses is preferred by Hookah smokers Indiawide for its uniqueness in providing a full bodied magical Hookah experience through exotic flavours that are unique.

TIGERIFY Hookah Molasses offer you a best smoking experience like none other, strong and long lasting flavour, and are absolutely smooth on your throat.With TIGERIFY Shisha Flavors, you are ready to blow thick smoke clouds and enjoy a world class Hookah smoking experience.

Once try our Hookah Flavour.We are giving guarantee that you will buy our Hookah Flavour again and again for entire life, because our flavours are made of high quality and gives you best taste which you will never get in any other brands.You will never forget our flavor taste for whole life.

We have all type of Hookah Accessories, you can browse them on our website and place a single combine order to save shipping charge.Only 1 time shipping charge will be added per order, try to add multiple hookah flavors in your cart.You will get bored by smoking same hookah flavour every time.

We also sell 25 grams hookah flavor packs, so that you can buy different flavours at a time in Half Price.Please explore all products in our Hookah category.

TIGERIFY Premium Quality Shisha Hookah Herbal MINT Flavour 50grams

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