SK FAIRNESS CREAM Homemade Skin Lightening Night Cream 60gm

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  1. No Sideffects, Buy with confidence.100% Natural Homemade Fairness Cream.
  2. Removes Freckles, Tan and Dark Spots.Beside Makes You Super Fair within Regular Usage.
  3. Results may vary from person to person.Some gets fair in 15 Days,for some it takes 30 Days.
  4. Guaranteed Results and Safe product for Lifelong usage.


  • SK FAIRNESS CREAM Homemade Skin Lightening Night Cream 60g





At the bottom of page,please check our regular buyer purchase history for proof.

Fairness increases your face attraction level.

Important information
Safety Information:Don’t use the cream,If it doesn’t suit you.

Note: Please read the description from top to bottom of this page.Everything is written on this page in detail.

Do you want to flaunt a fair and flawless skin? Fair and flawless complexion is a dream for many boys and girls out there.There are many fairness creams in India,which can make your fair.But not every fairness is safe for your skin.

Only Homemade Fairness Creams are safe for your skin for long run.SK FAIRNESS CREAM is the most effective,powerful and popular Homemade Fairness Cream in India,which provides Guaranteed fairness for Lifetime with it’s regular usage.

You will get addicted to this cream forever.

Buy with Confidence and Trust.

Fair skin is one of the strength for all ladies and gents who wish to look beautiful.At night after the sound sleep,spots get reduced giving the skin clearer and fair look with the rosy glow.All the spots get vanished leaving the skin fairer.Just start using the cream, and you’ll see the instant light in no time.

This cream consists of the whitening formula, using of the cream in night before sleep will provide you with the glowing and fair skin from inside.It works as magic for both men and women.It’s a magical fairness cream.pimples,dark spots and freckles will automatically disappear by regular usage of this cream.

It is a Magical Fairness Cream,which has changed the destiny of Millions by making them Super Fair.Just use this cream regularly every night for 1 Month and see Magic.

SK FAIRNESS CREAM Homemade Skin Lightening Night Cream 60gm

How to Use:Before going to sleep,wash your Face and dry with Towel.Now apply this cream on your face.Let the cream be on your face for whole night, In morning wash your face with soap.Use Dove White Soap for your daily face wash.Cream should be on your face for 5-6 hours daily night.Don’t Apply when you are awake.It is a Night Cream and should be used before sleep only.And wash it off as soon as you wake up early in the morning.Apply the cream on your face using the fingers. Avoid the areas like eyebrows, mouth and too close to the under of your eyes.

Remember, you should not use any other product with this Cream, this may reduce its desired effect.

  • It helps in making your complexion fairer, cleanses and beautifies your face. It has an instant reaction that brightens your skin, removes dark spots and enhances your beauty.

Cream may also be applied to other parts of the body such as neck and hands.Starting 2 months,apply only on face and neck to check the product result.

This Cream is to make your skin tone fairer. It makes the skin fairer.Furthermore, It helps to take off sun tanning marks.

This Cream reduces dark spots and pigmentation from the skin giving your skin a flawless look.The dark parts fade away slowly after regular usage.

There are no Sideffects of this cream.Till you use this cream,your fairness will be alive.If u stop using this cream,your fairness will go in few days and your original color will come back.And when you restart using cream,fairness will comeback again in 15 days or 1 Month.We request you to don’t give long gaps.Use this cream daily without fail to maintain best fairness levels for Lifetime.

Our buyers are using this cream regularly since last 15 years,nobody got side-effects till now.Everyone gets addicted to this cream,once used it for 1-2 months regularly.You will get this cream for lifetime,don’t worry about it.You can also use it for Special Occasions like Marriages,Functions and Festivals etc.But use before 1 month to get desired results.Recharge your fairness by buying this cream every month.

Protect your face with helmet, a hat, or mask if you go outside in Sun for Longer.If you spend much time in sun, your fairness will decrease.

You will get Dramatic Fairness Results in 30 Days.Some get Results in 7 days also.Everyone’s skin is different,some gets fast results and some get slow.Just use it seriously without any gaps everyday.You will become Very Beautiful and Fair.It’s our Guarantee and Promise.It takes 30 Days time for the cream to set on your face and Show its Magic,depending on your skin.You will get Sudden and Dramatic Results,once the cream is Set on your face.

Use Dove White Soap or any other moisturizing soap to wash your face daily.You will get best fairness results by using Dove White Soap.

Note:Store Cream Box (Dabbi) in a refrigerator.

Keep Cream container in fridge.Don’t keep in freezer.After product delivery, please store the product in your refrigerator.

Becoming fair is a Small thing after using our cream.

You will get the habit of looking fair.You will be addicted to this cream for lifetime.

This Cream will change your Life,make you beautiful and also make your Dream of becoming Fair true.Don’t think,just order.Our cream will give you very good results.No other cream can give fastest and guaranteed results like our cream.It’s worth buying fairness cream.Fairness will add beauty to one’s face.If you become fair,you will look attractive and beautiful.Without fairness,beauty is incomplete.So, become fairer and be noticed and attractive.

In market, there are many fairness creams which makes you fairer in less time,but will damage your skin in just 1 year.So avoid using harmful fairness creams.We are giving you Lifetime Guarantee,you can use this cream for entire life.

Those who work in Night Shift,they sleep in Daytime.So before sleeping they can apply this cream at daytime and sleep.

Don’t use any other cream’s while using our cream.

After getting Maximum Fairness,everyone should continue using this cream every month to maintain same results for lifetime.Every month your fairness level will go on increasing.You will turn from Black to White.

Don’t massage or rub.Apply smoothly to your face and neck.

Note:Complete 60 Grams bottle in 30 Days to get best results.

This cream will last for 30-50 days,depending on your usage.Try to complete in 30 days to maintain best results.

Skin Lightening Cream , Skin Whitening Cream

In India people are becoming fair by the usage of fairness creams only.

Once you get results, please refer our product to your family members and close friends.

User Age should be above 16 Years.

Expiry 2 Years from Date of Purchase
We have 2 variants.
Medium Strong Cream is for Beginners.Full Strong is more advanced,powerful and effective than Medium Strong.Full Strong gives faster results and high fairness levels.

Medium Strong is 100% Strong ( 1X Formula).

Full Strong is 150% Strong ( 1.5X), super fast results and achieve high fairness levels.High quantity of fairness ingredients added in this cream to make you more fairer in very less time.

This cream is for people having normal skin.If you have very sensitive skin or severe acne (pimples) or skin redness problem, please don’t order it.Rest all with normal skin can order it.

Instruction for Men:

Men Should do clean shave 2 times in a week.They should keep their face beard free to get best results.

If you want to look Super fair, please do clean shave twice a week.

Women also should get their unwanted facial hair removed.

The more you keep your face clean,the more you look fair.

This cream will finish in 30-45 days usage.Order 10 days before it finishes every month.

If you use this cream for 1 month and stop using it, fairness will not go immediately.It takes 10-15 days time for fairness to go completely.

Women can use foundation and do make-up,there is no problem with it.But don’t use any other creams.

Proof of Our Regular buyer purchase history:

Nobody will order the cream for second time, If they don’t see any visible results in the first time purchase.

Proof Image 1, Proof Image 2, Proof Image 3, Proof Image 4, Proof Image 5, Proof Image 6, Proof Image 7, Proof Image 8, Proof Image 9


If you have any doubts regarding the product or its usage,please contact us on WhatsApp.We will clear your doubts.

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Medium Strong, Full Strong

249 reviews for SK FAIRNESS CREAM Homemade Skin Lightening Night Cream 60gm

  1. Meenakshi

    Best skin whitening cream ever

  2. monisha

    Effected for all skin types and the best option among all the Fairness Cream available in mkt..

  3. Sangeetha shetty

    Removes the pimple marks and scars, but you have to be regular in applying the cream.

  4. Shalu

    Not working at all.. West of money totally

  5. Karunya

    yes it is the bestest creme i have used recently it reduced marks and also hyper pigmentation of my skin…it is a good night cream

  6. Pallavi

    Okay Product, give it a try not for oily skin

  7. Sarat

    Product actually does what it claims

  8. Maimuna iqbal

    This fairness cream really did it’s job but it will surely take time but I hope your result will be good.

  9. Jyoti arya

    I m using it for 2 months it shows visible effects after regular application.

  10. Ashique

    A very good product to use for fairness

  11. Raghav Sahu

    bakwas products. 0%result. Don’t waste money

  12. Nishant kumar

    It is better than the other local creams

  13. Amina kazi

    i m using this and really very good effect

  14. Meenu

    Bahut achhi cream h ek baar karar use karke dekho

  15. Antoniya

    I am using this product for past 5 month. It’s totally amazing one. It’s remove my black mark

  16. Tripathi

    My wife is using it from last 2-3 years and she liked this product a lot. I will surely recommend this to everyone.

  17. GANESH

    Good product but a little bit expensive. Method to get the cream is creative.

  18. Akshay g

    Vvvv Good product

  19. Harsha jayendran

    I was using this product for last few months.d soon i noticed changes in ma skin tone aftr regulr use

  20. Aarati

    Suitable to all types of skin. Happy with the results after using from one month.SK fairness crm is best in India

  21. Shagufa

    I use this cream it is not soo good and not soo bad ok ok

  22. Geeta ram

    This is a wonderful product the cream.formula is so creamy and good u can see the skin difference in just one week

  23. Prabhu

    Recieved what I expected….good one

  24. Prakash Reddy

    waste of money

  25. Abbas

    Its higly recommended cream for usage.

  26. Deepak Malhotra

    Chemical free

  27. Asim Mirza

    Amazing.I am in love with this.Will continue this for all of my life.

  28. Abhishek Trivedi

    Worst purchase ever.

  29. vidya

    not worth buying

  30. Theresa

    It’s really work.Such a great product.thanks sk whitening cream

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    It’s up the promise, It really works

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    It works on my skin usually I m using it day time due to night duty I feel good

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    Sk fairness cream is Amazing and wonderful….! Now My skin is glowing and white… I love this product

  34. Vini

    Average product

  35. Ashok Gehloth

    Effective and easy to use prodcut, really liked it, would recommend it to anyone who wants fairness

  36. sunitha

    Don’t buy no use

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    Satisfied….its not going to do magic overnight…but surely by regular usage

  38. Mija C.M.

    I have used last 2months.highly recommended this product.nice

  39. Sameer rai

    Really nice’s makes my skin soft nd glowing..thank you tigerify for such a lovely product

  40. ALI KHAN

    Awesome product

  41. Sakura chan

    Best one

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    Amazing cream,works great for me,result in 7 days only

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    Cool product..Very natural..Definitely moisturizes..It give you a fairer look..

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    100% satisfied.Buy cream and use am guarantee.It vl gv u more fair and glowing skin..

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    wonderful cream

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    The product is so good and it suits for all kind of skins

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    Very nice cream, Good result in 7 Days


    Good product

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    Good. It is very nice and effective product. Will go for it again

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    Removes pigmentation, skin glowing best product

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    This is ma second bottle. It is doing miracles.

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    Excellent product. Nice feel on my skin.

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  64. Krishna


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  67. Mahi


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  70. naveen khatri


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    I heard alot of good reviews about this product so thought of giving it a try.It adds a noticeable glow after using 1 month.

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    I am quite pleased with the results. Over a period of time, my skin feels more even toned

  123. Jyoti Verma

    Its true to its claims. You can notic glow and brighter complexion from first month itself.

  124. Kavita sharma

    Good and genuine product in Best price.Fairness is good for both oily and non-oily skin.

  125. Smitha Kalluraya

    My skin has started to look bright and soft as the marks are getting lighter . I can also notice a glow .I am happy to have amde the right choice for my skin .

  126. Rahila mustaq

    This cream lightens your skin tone

  127. Jinal

    This product really works wonders as it whitens my skin tone

  128. Rakhi P

    I would really recommend this cream to anyone and everyone who is looking to buy this.

  129. Kalyan Panja

    I have just started using this Product but its already become my favourite!..Good fairness

  130. Rahul Basu

    days use

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    Very good product.My skin is oily ,it remains flawless.My skin looks flawless and I get lots of compliments.

  132. vaibhav

    Always satisfied and happy customers with Sk fairness cream

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    I m using this face cream daily now I m looking fair… Little much

  134. aashutosh

    Great prduct. Makes the skin feel…My wife ordered this for her daily use and she likes using this. Not too oily and prevents from the sun rays.. now I am also using this face cream

  135. krishna

    This is soooooo good .. I love the texture n the fragrance .. it doesn’t make your skin oily or dry .. my skin becomes so soft after applying.. works perfect

  136. Yash R.

    Giving me fairness result on skin

  137. Meeth

    It does what its says, makes skin glowing too

  138. Ashish

    Brilliant my skin is softer and brighter

  139. avanti

    Using it for about a day,so can’t say anything much about it

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    Very helpful and effective. No harm to skin and nonallergic. It is also the trusted brand all India so anyone can use it and see the effect.

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    This is soooooo good .. I love the texture n the fragrance .. it doesn’t make your skin oily or dry .. my skin becomes so soft after applying and fair also

  148. Shivam gaur

    I like this product cause this product makes your skin very smooth its fill very soft and it gives high fair glow.It changed my life

  149. DEV KUMAR

    Gives me an instant whitening effect by controlling the melanin colour..

  150. Arihant Pandey

    Brought this product after one of my friend suggested it for me. It gives her a Super soft skin as promised. It rehydrates the soft skin of cheek and is suitable for both oily and dry skin. You’ll feel real difference from first few uses only.

  151. Kedar

    I also recommend it to my family members and friends this is available at very low price and can be use easily. I see result on the 7th day Its really worked


    I have purchased this brand product 2nd time.It’s a very good cream

  153. Prince Yadav

    This brand delivers what it says. This cream is simply awesome and gives great results

  154. Deepika

    I’ve using this cream from few days and I’m just surprised how good it is. Make your skin smooth and shiny. It’s really effective and it’s also worth the money. Really enjoying this cream. My skin is getting better with each passing day. Enjoyed the product.

  155. Isha manchanda

    It is an amazing product. It keeps my skin smooth and shiny. I have been using this cream since long time. It keeps skin hydrated and gives glow skin. Fragrance is also very nice. Loved this one and it is value for money than many other costly creams available in the market.

  156. Sarabjeet

    Using this product from a long time, and it’s really effective and nurtures, brightens the skin

  157. Preeti

    Hi .my skin is vry sensitive….mostly not a single cream works on me….I decided to buy this cream n take chance….bt its unbelievable….it is vry effective….it is a vry nice cream….natural ingredients….my skin is now glow…ty

  158. Akshay Oswal

    Initially i thought that no creame can make someone fair … Whatever formula it has. Bt then a friend suggested me this.I was afraid to use it for side effects.. Somehow i tried , once , twice.. daily… Its been 4-5 days.. i see a change on my face.. all my dark dead cells are gone. I feel lighter.. Skin is fresh all the time.. No traces of oil.. and most importantly it is fairly visible.

  159. Sarika

    Recently bought this skin whitening cream, received it in a good condition.Using this cream from the past few days and I can feel the little difference to the skin.

  160. sunny

    Best skin whitening and brightening cream which helps to reduce dark zone on your face and increase face glownes

  161. JIGNESH

    My skin get bright ND fairness. I suggest to all my dear friends and family and buyers to buy it and start use it. Very very good product

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    This whitening cream is really effective

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    I bought this cream after checking all the reviews and I must say this is very good cream

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    One of the very good creams available in market. It is helpful in improving skin tone and for the glowing effect with the continuous usage

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    Very organic. It’s really pretty good and great even in summers. Also moisturizes skin along with great whitening. Very useful and it’s value for money.

  166. bharti gupta

    I liked this product a lot. A small quantity will make your skin soft and supple. In an affordable price, a very nice product for your daily skin care. As it takes time to have visible results of whitening cream , but overall me satisfied as its natural.

  167. Peeyush

    I have combination skin. This cream is perfect for my skin type. I apply it daily at night. It keeps my skin hydrated but not greasy. It has improved skin texture and gave good fairness

  168. Nitin

    This whitening and brightening fairness cream by SK is really a good product

  169. Shubham

    I have been regularly using this cream for last 1 months now. It brighten up my skin and also makes it younger. It is very effective. Must buy everyone.

  170. Souvik Banerjee

    I’ve bought this & using since last 15 days. Really an amazing skin whitening and brightening cream

  171. Akriti Mahajan

    Definitely a well produced product, helped moisten the skin and reducing dark spots. Plus the moisturising effect and the glowing effect is long lasting. Been using this cream for almost a week’s time now and can see noticeable improvement. Definitely recommended

  172. Gaurav Sharma

    Its actually a value for money cream as it superior to those of heavy cost creams in the market.

  173. Pooja Tanwar

    It keeps my skin nourished and glowing all day long … And it also have whitening effects that make your skin brighter …

  174. Ayesha

    I am using this skin whitening and fairness cream i found it really great effective cream very quick result its very safe to use.. i can see great result … in few days i look fair after using this cream, must buy this product

  175. Snigdha

    really happy with this whitening cream

  176. Satish ghule

    After using my face got much brighter then before its really nice.

  177. Shorya

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  178. Pratiti Datta

    It is an amazing product. It keeps my skin smooth and shiny. I have been using this cream since long time. It keeps skin hydrated and gives glow skin. Fragrance is also very nice. Loved this one and it is value for money

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    Bought this product after seeing a lot of good reviews and I am not disappointed. I love this cream. It’s extremely moisturizing and hydrating. Has a great smell and is quite affordable too. Must buy.

  180. Darshan V pujara

    Nice product. First time im using whitening cream and it really brightens my face. Hope using this regularly I’ll feel some changes in my skin texture.

  181. Hansika

    I do believe that it does work in concern of brightening but not 2 shades brighter than your skin but it returns gradually on to detanned skin tone

  182. Ujwal Singh

    This cream is worth to buy . You can see the changes soon if you use it properly according to the uses written . Using it from a long time . Worth for my money

  183. Barkha

    I am regularly using it night and found that, it helps in moisturising my dry skin. Suitable for both mens and womens. It also gives better result than another expensive creams. I feel lighter on skin. Skin is fresh all the time.. No traces of oil…

  184. Sangita Jaiswal

    Love the texture of the cream. It brightens my skin and makes it glow removing dark spots and blemishes and I can rely on it.

  185. Mohsin Khan

    Best product..non greasy..easily absorbed…good smell. It’s keep my skin smoothly brighner and looks even…go for it guys its totally value for money.

  186. SURAJ

    I have been regularly using this creme for over one months now. It has lightened and brightened my skin. Thanks to tigerify for making such products

  187. pinku

    Amazing product. Good quality. Fresh product. I like this product.


    This skin whitening and brighting cream deserves 5star rating only because it works. This product really works from the 1st day of use. I highly recommend this amazing product

  189. pintu

    it’s really effective and nurtures, brightens the skin. It’s refreshing ordour keeps you fresh.

  190. shubham

    Pretty good product and effective for all types of skin. A good moisture and makes your skin smooth and soft.Fragrance is also very nice.Value for money.

  191. Mohammad Ajaz

    Awesome face pack, my mom keeps on saying again and again that your face is looking too good after using it.

  192. Krishna

    The cream is very delighting one and very moisturizing one. So worth buying product. Must buy everyone.

  193. Nirmal Andy

    Good cream for dry skin, however my wife also using it

  194. Mariyam Nisar

    SK Skin Whitening & Brightening Cream not only brightens up your skin but also makes it look younger and radiant

  195. Sajju

    it really works and useful for face

  196. Mrs_Shah

    It is very best product for my skin

  197. Radha g.

    Very good cream for face.

  198. Kapil vyas

    it is good for all types of skin as well. Used by me and my family members.Must try to bring brightness in your skin !!

  199. Sheetal kapur

    My skin is glowing,and looking shinier and clear.Suggested my friends and family to use this product

  200. vipul s padmani

    It is very best product for my skin

  201. Soumya

    I’ve started using it since a week….. Yes I would recommend it to all…. Noticeable glow

  202. Hinali

    I have purchased this brand product 1nd time.i was cunfused about it but after use i can say must go for it.Now i have buy this cream for my mother.It’s a very good cream.must recommended to all girls.

  203. Patel Deep

    It’s an amazing skin whitening and brightening cream. I have been using it since a year..


    it”s very good result.Good for skin

  205. Sarath Mannengal

    My skin is oily and I have tried many skincare products, this one is most effective out of the bunch, results are visible within few uses, It’s a must buy product if you also have an oily skin.

  206. taj baba

    Not too greasy.. Nice for daily use. Happy with the product.


    Its works well for all type of skin on use. Best for dry and oily skin.

  208. ridhi

    Affordable product with quality . Aromatic and amazing texture.

  209. Preeti Tanwar

    As I have sensitive skin I was worried whether this will suits me or not.. but I was wrong it works really well for my skin .. it moisturises very well and for a long Time

  210. Amit R Vasani

    This SK Skin Whitening & Brightening Fairness Cream is too good.It is the amazing product…I used it first time but it’s made skin soft and smooth…

  211. S. Khan

    This product has very decent smell and it lasts longer than usual and spreads too

  212. Siddhesh Borkar

    Smooth and gives soft feel, works great for my face, me and my brother using from 1 week no doubt it’s good

  213. Sapna Agarwal

    I liked this cream very much. It is suitable for my skin type. I felt like my skin is glowing after using this cream.

  214. uvi

    this is best product for skin. i use this produt on my face and its very smooth creme and no any side effect. only one word describe this product is very good

  215. Deepak

    Good product very useful product & very low price.If we buy 2,it cost lesser.It’s Amazing

  216. Arushi Gupta

    I puchase this product first time nd its keep my face shiny nd smooth nd very very effective cream. 100% whitening cream

  217. Nirav gami

    Incredible cream at such a low price!!!.Buy 2 and get good discounts

  218. Abhishek

    Very good results in short span and have no Sideffects. Overall result is great and have a good price

  219. Ankita

    Liked this product. It does what it claims. You can see whitening of the skin in few days of application.

  220. Subham

    Nice product in affordable price.

  221. KISHOR p.

    This product is very good

  222. Ganapati

    It’s working

  223. IRFAN Ravda

    I see result on the 10th day its really worked

  224. Rajinder

    I’m using this cream and i love it

  225. Kartikay

    It is smooth my skin is glowing i can see the difference love the product

  226. parveen nagpal

    makes my skin soft and supple…best product for skin whitening…good fregrence,non sticky cream

  227. Ankita shukla

    I was worried from dullness but when I use this I am satisfying. I am using this from last 1 month and I am getting best result day by day.

  228. Harshil

    Good for Use for whitening and skin lightening

  229. J.G.Krishnaa


  230. Rakesh

    1-2 weeks of tym to get de result…but once u get addicted to this cream u will never use other products..I recommend to use this product for those who want der face to glow.

  231. soumita mukherjee

    Used fr more than a month.. feedback that it is a good cream

  232. Jenifer

    I recommend this to dry skin ppl… i hve very dry skin nd it suited me well

  233. Neha D.

    Not a good product

  234. Anjana

    One of the very good creams available in market

  235. Summu

    I was hesitant to say this, but this is the best night cream available,gives a glowing for long run

  236. Grace legay

    Very good. Gives a clear skin by regular use. The cover is not good. Need to be kept carefully. Gives a glow for the skin. Reduces pigmentation n dark spots. Suitable for dry to combination skin.

  237. Nithin Sagar M N

    Good product

  238. Bharath

    Seems to be good. 100% visible results in 7 days. My skin was tanned and very dark. After used this for one month now skin becomes fairer. Usually I don’t give a review if product is not effective.

  239. Tammi

    Good product, value for money.TIGERIFY always offers great products



  241. Sumo

    This cream is best cream available in market,very good results

  242. lokesh

    Didnt find effective either.

  243. kiran meena chelak

    Best product face glows like a natural white

  244. Yanika

    This cream suited my skin and really nothing is needed after applying it. For people who are not much of a make-up fan, and want to go natural, this is the cream for you !!

  245. PRIYA

    The texture of skin after application is really good. It is non greasy. Suitable for really oily skin. And I’ve been applying it for a month and a half now. It is having its effect. The spots are getting lightened by the use of this cream.

  246. Bunnu

    it works slowly but in this price you can afford it.better buy two to get at low price.

  247. Varalakshmi

    very good product.quite satisfied by the result

  248. Zubaida Hashmi

    Lovely cream,fabulous results n Im satisfied

  249. Sunaina

    Amazing cream ever seen in my life, it started workin in first week

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